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Investing Basics | The #1 Tip I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago

Although I’ve already posted an article on the site, I wanted to post something that is more along the lines of basic traders. I also wanted to post a video here that I loved and helped me very much when getting started. That’s below and I highly recommend you watch that before going any further with either your business or investing journey.

Also I wanted to outline quickly the 1 point I wish I had learn when I started investing and that’s the following: LESS IS MORE.

I don’t mean less knowledge, research or any of the difficult stuff, I simply mean you should be making less trades. The reason many people make a loss when they start investing is they being to think they can actually make 100 trades a week and still be profitable. Sure you might be able to for a very short period of time, but long term you are just throwing money away.

The #2 on the I wish I knew when I started list is the following – Information overload is a killer of action. By this I mean that just because you are researching and collecting knowledge, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are making the most of it. Research without implementation is nothing. Research with smart implementation is everything…. And that applies to anything in life.

SecurityPhysical Premises – Tip 3

This is one I’m adding a few weeks later after having this exact issue myself and that’s security of premises that you are working from. If you think about the amount of money you can make from trading, then you know that there is also a lot of money on the premise where you trade. For example whether this be in technology, such as multiple computers on the premise or whether that be in bank or safe locations.

The issue is word gets out that you have money and then security becomes an issue. I read a blog post on key fobs and their uses about 3 weeks ago and have since implemented this into our building. The reason? Even if we are robbed, the difference is we know who is to blame, for example every employee has their own fob, meaning they would have to give this to someone for another individual to get in. If this happens and a theft happens after you have entered the building, then this becomes your fault and hence you are responsible.


How Investments are Affected by Technology News

investment-and-tech-newsBefore the new technology began, business was only operated inside an office. Businesses have their staffs filing all the paper works and then use their old school equipment or machines like typewriters, adding machine and some old office furniture. And due to the technology developments, the businesses and investments in every industry had improved. There are so many changes that are continuously happening due to the new technology. Investments are growing because of how things are being done.

Speedy transactions

Since the technology now is extremely different way back then, transactions can be very speedy now. In just a matter of minutes like buying your favourite lipstick online can be very possible. Transactions will not take time. You just need to get your credit or debit card ready and absolutely you can have what you need. Receipts are printed online which serves as proof of transaction.

Improvement on decision making

Decision making, when it comes to business, is now improved. Since there is now complete security due to technology advancement and also guaranteed speedy transactions, investments are also guaranteed as well. If a company is now using a new technology, there is no reason for every investor to be afraid to invest in a business. There are now software being used to track sales, profit and other transactions they need to know. This is how investments are affected by technology news.

Case Study

dronesThere was a very small case study done by the team behind chose a quadcopter & the web design agency that built the website. This site simply reviews new drone technology and followed how well they do in the market. Instead of focusing solely on the drone, they also looked at the drone stock prices in regards to economic changes. The data and size of the case study itself was too small to draw any broad conclusions, but generally it is thought that any consumer technology stocks decrease in unfriendly economic times. Which makes sense when you consider the impact that has on people’s purchase decisions.

Developed inventory checking

Inventory would be made easier now and absolutely can be helpful for a faster process of the data needed to check on sales and profit. For this, investments would be really affected in a good way. Since they fully trust the technology now, investors are now trusting companies or businesses that they are not going to be disappointed.

order-goodsOrdering of goods

Investments are affected by technology news also when it comes to ordering of goods. Effective use of the new technology is going to attract investors. And through this there will be more profit that companies can have and more people can have jobs. Online ordering of goods can fulfill many job offers like back office staffs, customer service, delivery and many others.

There are still many other effects of the technology news to the investments today and investors will not stop in doing so. They are expecting now bigger investments because of the newer technology that is coming out every now and then. They are confident that, whatever happens, the technology would not let them down.

How investments are affected by technology news is when it is doing great to the business. Investment plays great part to any business industry because this is where they can progress. Without investments, there would be no profits that businesses can have. There will be no progress as well in the technology. Technology and investments are like partners so business can be successful in the future. Technology can affect investment and investment can affect technology and that is how it goes. They are connected to each other and should not be disregarded.